Gameli Tordzro is a Ghanaian multiple arts professional and a Creative Arts (CA) researcher consultant in Glasgow. He the Artistic Director of Pan African Arts Scotland and a researcher at the Creative Arts and Translation Cultures Hub of the Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language The Body Law and the State (RM Borders) research project at the University of Glasgow School of Education. His research interests include arts, culture, language, migration and global peace, and global education. His current focus is on arts as language for research.  Gameli is the Musician-in-Residence at the University of Glasgow GRAMNet.

Gameli is on a number of projects including setting up and developing the first African Orchestra in Scotland, Ha Orchestra. Ha Orchestra was set up as a partnership initiative between Pan African Arts Scotland and the University of Glasgow GRAMNet. In Ghana, he has worked extensively in television as a performer and producer/director, in the third sector as an arts and development consultant, delivering on projects for CESUDI, CEDEP Ghana, BBC World Service Trust, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Health on Ghana. he is currently conducting a feasibility research for the Central Scotland African Union (CeSAU) on a proposed African Village project.

Gameli’s work also involves supporting a number of Global peace initiatives through African Music, Film, Storytelling, Theatre and Fashion. This website gives you information and updates on Gameli Tordzro’s work and access to interesting educative, informative and entertaining media and writing.

The following short documentary video film by Gameli tells the story of musicians’ reflection on their experience of Ha Orchestra as participants of a Statens Kunsfond and University of Glasgow RM Borders musicians international exchange programme in November of 2015.

Azorli Blewu 2014 Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games members of Ha Orchestra