School of Performing Arts: University of Ghana

Gameli trained as a Theatre director in the School of Performing Arts (SPA) University of Ghana from 1985 to 1988 where he was also a student leader, serving as the Secretary of the Association of Students of Performing Arts (ASPA). So returning to the school and facilitating a collaboration between the School and School of Education in the University of Glasgow is very much in line with his ambition to ‘give back’ and contribute to the training and developing international links that benefit the school, its staff and students. Gameli’s career home and abroad has been characterized by developing the potentials of young people, setting up various initiatives and opportunities for skill development and growth. The link between RM Borders and SPA in September 2016 will provide a fertile environment for early career researchers to co-create and co-author academic/artistic pieces for publication. Gameli has drawn up a week-long programme that includes participants meeting and pairing up across disciplines and research interests to write; a masterclasses on writing for publication by Professor Kofi Anyidoho of the University of Ghana and on writing research funding applications by Professor Alison Phipps of the School of Education University of Glasgow.

Noyam Institute of African Dance

‘Noyam’ was set up by the late Professor Francis Nii Yartey. Nii and Gameli’s most recent collaboration was on The Vessels 2015 International Youth Exchange project at the Beacon Theatre in Greenock Scotland. The exchange is between Ghana Scotland and Jamaica young people exploring the cultural and historical links of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, colonialism, language, and arts to create a new and positive discourse through creative engagement. Gameli introduced Professor Nii Yartey, Ghana’s dance maestro and chair of the National Theatre of Ghana to RM Borders and Professor Alison Phipps.

Vessels 2015 devised production August 2015 By Noyam (Ghana), Articulet (Jamaica) Beacon Theatre (Scotland) Pan African Arts Scotland (Scotland)

The performance and contribution of the the three young people who represented Noyam in Scotland was spectacular and in line with RM Borders research on arts language and translating and communicating academic research with creative arts. Vessels 2015 and Noyam’s involvement in RM Borders Creative Arts and Translating Cultures Research Hub’s  work is a part of the growing scope and reach the AHRC RM Borders Research project.


Gameli’s current research is in Social Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences on ‘Creative Arts Research Method and Process’ ‘Arts as Language’, ‘Creative Inter-thinking’ ‘Multilingual Research and Researching Multilingually at Borders’ at the University of Glasgow as part of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Large Grant Translating Cultures Project – Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, The Body Law and The State (RM Borders).

The research includes his work on setting up composing for and directing Ha Orchestra with  musicians from various backgrounds and living in different parts of the world. He also facilitates a creative arts international research exchange between the School of Education – University of Glasgow and the School of Performing Arts – University of Ghana.  The following short documentaries are part of his Creative Arts Research products on RM Borders.


The following videos feature examples of Gameli Tordzro’s current research in Arts, Language, Migration and Translating Cultures

Azorli Blewu


Calabash People



Ha Orchestra is the first symphonic African Orchestra in Scotland and was founded by Gameli Tordzro on invitation by the Creative Scotland and the Glasgow City Council as a contribution to the Cultural Festival Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games programme. Ha Orchestra became part of a partnership initiative with the University of Glasgow School of Education RM Borders Research Project and Pan African Arts Scotland and featured in the Creative Arts Hub documentary film produced as part of the project outputs.