Music Across Borders

Music Across Borders is a new documentary film created and directed by Gameli Tordzro as part of his PhD research.  It demonstrates the musicality of language and the language in music and looks at lively stories of how music crosses various borders: language borders, borders of the body and mind, state borders and borders of the law. Borders created by war are the most dangerous today. it issue of borders and how they get shifted continuously and inflicting pressure, pain, poverty and misery on innocent people.

The film celebrates the connections music brings and maintains between people across the world in spite of economic barriers, state barriers, barriers of language, war and race. This projects is also a part of Gameli’s research in Creative Arts and Translating Cultures at the university of Glasgow – Researching Multilingually at the Borders (RM Borders)

The first episode, is Katrine Suwalski’s ‘Another World Band’ Ghana Tour 2015 which captures her collaboration with Odomankoma Okerema Pra and Elivava. It treats the use of music as language within multilingual cultures across various borders. The documentary film traces the manifestation of the historical and cultural links between Ghana and Denmark in the connections established between Danish Musicians and their Ghanaian counterparts, how they have used their music as language to cross state barriers and enriched the cultures of both countries. The film is directed by Scotland based Ghanaian filmmaker Gameli Tordzro, shot and edited with his two Ghanaian budding filmmaker sons Sedem and Eli.

Music Across Borders was premiered in the Spring of 2016 11th 12th 13th April in Glasgow at the Centre for Contemporary Arts CCA, and The Glad Cafe´and at the Paradise Jazz – Huset in Copenhagen Denmark on the 28th April 2016. The premiers screenings were accompanied by a concert by Katrine Suwalski’s Anothther World Band in  Collaboration with Glasgow Highlife Band from Pan African Arts Scotland and Kaleodophone Band from Paragon Music.

As part of RM Borders and University of Ghana collaboration, Music Across Borders will be premiered in Ghana on the 10th September to conclude a week-long Early Career Researcher Development Co-Writing Retreat at the University of Ghana School of Performing Arts.


HA Orchestra Musicians Exchange Copenhagen Denmark 2015