Last Dream (On Earth) was created and directed by Kai Fischer in collaboration with the National Theatre of Scotland NTS with Creative Scotland funding and support from the Tron Theatre.

It treats the story of many Africans in the prime of their youth, risking their lives across the Sahara and the Mediterranean in an effort to reach Europe, with the hope for a better life for themselves and their families. People fleeing from war and poverty and ready to risk whatever is  left of their lives: in some cases the wealth of their families to make this journey. Although some people succeed and make it through, many pay the ultimate price of losing their lives in the desert or at sea, in makeshift vessels. The news channels have regular stories about women, men and children, perishing near Spain and Italy. Lampedusa has found a place in the news. To think that not too long ago in human history, people moved and settled wherever supported life. Birds and other animals still do this to live, they migrate to live: are hard wired to migrate. Are we not hard wired to move too, until we are comfortable and settle even it is only for an adventure?

Kai’s Last Dream (On Earth) shows a few African ‘migrants’ and tells their story of attempting to cross the Mediterranean, alongside the story of the first manned space flight of the USSR space programme. And he ‘tells it to be heard’ by creating a soundscape within which the audience can embark on their own risky journey to explore the ‘dangerous unknown’ imaginative world in there with the help of headphones and light and darkness and hints of visual effects. Gameli plays the role of ‘Zouma’ an African youth who drowns in the attempted crossing. He is also part of the team of theatre professionals who were involved in developing the production and is responsible for contributing and playing music in this new production that has become one of the most evocative and innovative productions in contemporary Scottish Theatre. Last Dream (On Earth) premiered in the Tron Theatre in Glasgow and toured Scotland in April 2015 and has attracted enviable reviews.

Last Dream (On Earth)